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Iberian cured ham with tomato bread 19,00€
Anchovies from Cadaqués 14,00€
Fried squid "Andalusian style" with lime and curry 15,00€
Homemade roast croquettes (8 u.) 9,50€
Homemade boletus croquettes  (8 u.) 12,00€
Grilled mussels with olive oil and black pepper 9,00€
Warm salad with broad beans, duck ham, crusty bread and Chardonnay with truffle vinagrette 13,50€
Fish and seafood canaloni with crustacean velouté 14,00€
Burrata cheese with tomato, black kalamata olives, rocket and pine nuts 12,00€
Grilled octopus tentacle on sliced potatoes and romesco sauce 15,50€
Shredded cod fillet with tomato and Kalamat black olives 15,00€
Dry rice with seasonal vegetables 14,50€
Rice del Senyoret (cuttlefish, prawns and musels) 18,00€
Rice with lobster 24,00€
Main Courses
Grilled turbot with Idiazabal cheese sauce, sauteed vegetables and peanut oil 18,50€
Candied cod fish with spinach, raisins and pinions 18,00€
Suckling lamb terrine cooked at low temperature with cooking juice and cous-cous with trumpets of dead mushrooms and candied onions 17,00€
Low temperature cooked blonde cow cheek with creamy carrot, port wine reduction and wanton pasta chips 15,00€
Ravioli stuffed with oxtail and parmentier truffle with cooking juice 19,50€
Blonde beef fillet with mushrooms sauce and potato gratin with bacon 22,00
Accompained with vegetables and potato al caliu
Sole 19,00€
Turbot 18,00€
Gilthead 18,00€
Blonde beef Ribeye 1kg 40€
Blonde cow filet 20,50€
Agullana lamb loin and ribs 17,00€
Pork 100% Duroc boneless flank 14,50€
Seasonal fruit salad with mint syrup and lemon sorbet 7,50€
Homemade Tiramisu with caramel and cocoa 7,50
Homemade cheescake with raspberry sorbet 6,50€
Redberries soup, lemon sorbet and yogurt mousse 7,00€
Sweet Wines and Liqueurs
Moscatell 3,70€
Peach liquor 4,00€
Apple liquor 4,00€
Ratafia 4,00€
Limoncello 4,00€
Grappa 3,70€

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